Dezhi “Andy” Fang

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New York, NY
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Software Engineer


Georgia Institute of Technology

Aug. 2015 to May. 2018

Major in Computer Science, Information Network & Intelligence. GPA: 3.54/4.0.


Software Engineer


New York, NY

Jun., 2020 to current

Enterprise Data Platform. Technical lead of trading-critical security master, providing timely and reliable access to fundamental reference datasets at Citadel.

  • Architected and led the implementation of observability stack to enable consistent monitoring of service performance and health.
    • Integrated distributed tracing, unified metrics, dashboard, and alerting into several key systems. Set widely-adopted observability strategies.
  • Designed and built organization-wide Kubernetes deployments tooling and best practices.
  • Designed and led build-out of firm-wide, Spinnaker-based continuous deployment system for both Kubernetes and legacy NFS deployments.
  • Modernized of build system for large-scale C++ (migration to Bazel) and Java (multi-project Gradle monorepo builds) services.
  • Optimized performance and memory usage for large-scale C++ services, such as identifying memory fragmentation in glibc malloc(), which resulted in dramatic decrease in OOM and more than 75% memory usage reduction for a critical production service.

Software Development Engineer


San Francisco, CA

May, 2018 to Jun., 2020 (full-time)
May, 2017 to Aug., 2017 (intern)

Cloud Infrastructure, Production Platform. Select projects include:

  • Designed and led the build-out of Airbnb's distributed, delayed job scheduling and queueing system on top of AWS SQS and DynamoDB.
    • Read more about this work on Airbnb Engineering Blog:
    • Led an intern as intern manager during Summer 2019 for this work.
  • Designed and implemented multi-cluster architecture for Airbnb's Kafka clusters, including a metadata proxy that multiplexes Kafka requests based on the Kafka TCP protocol.
  • Implemented a thrift serializer/deserializer library for ruby that's more than 25x faster than the existing binding.
  • Built distributed tracing pipeline for collecting frontend performance metrics.
  • Built performance profiling and monitoring tooling for JVM applications running in Kuberenetes/Docker.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Oct. 26, 2015 to May. 04, 2018

Research in the cross-section of data mining and human-computer interaction with professor Polo Chau.

  • One of the investigators in NIH's MD2K (Mobile Data to Knowledge) initiative. Developed a predictive visualization dashboard for exploring correlations between activity, stress, and smoking relapses. Paper.
  • MMap: Scaling up scientific computation with memory mapping. Paper. ARGO: Billion-scale visualization of network data. Paper.

STAR Intern on Software Engineering

Symantec Corporation

Los Angeles, CA

May. 16, 2016 to Aug. 12, 2016

Utilizing data mining (with Hadoop and Python) to improve malware detection efficacy.

  • Inferring unknown files' reputations with parent file and execution environment features.
  • Deployed new rule in Symantec's AV Engine with a false positive rate of only 0.2%. Used in Norton Security and Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • Implemented a decision tree executor for detecting malware using file features that replaced Symantec's existing implementation.
Non Academic Publications

Dynein: Building an Open-source Distributed Delayed Job Queueing System []

Dec. 2019

Dezhi “Andy” Fang, Cloud Infrastructure · Airbnb

Airbnb Engineering & Data Science Blog

Accelerating Services at Airbnb by Building a Blazing Fast Thrift Binding for Ruby []

Jul. 2017

Dezhi “Andy” Fang, Performance Engineering · Production Infrastructure · Airbnb

Airbnb Engineering & Data Science Blog

Academic Publications

mHealth Visual Discovery Dashboard [PDF][Video]

Sep. 2017

Dezhi Fang, Fred Hohman, Peter Polack, Hillol Sarker, Minsuk Kahng, Moushumi Sharmin, Mustafa al'Absi, Duen Horng Chau

Demo, ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP)

Carina: Interactive Million-Node Graph Visualization using Web Browser Technologies [arXiv][PDF]

Apr. 2017

Dezhi Fang, Matthew Keezer, Jacob Williams, Kshitij Kulkarni, Robert Pienta, Duen Horng Chau

The 2017 World Wide Web conference (WWW’17)

[Presenter] M-Flash: Fast Billion-scale Graph Computation Using a Bimodal Block Processing Model [Slides][arXiv][PDF]

Sep. 2016

Hugo Gualdron, Robson Cordeiro, Jose Rodrigues-Jr, Duen Horng (Polo) Chau, Minsuk Kahng, U Kang

Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD’16)

Visual Exploration of Machine Learning Results using Data Cube Analysis [ACM][PDF]

Jun. 2016

Minsuk Kahng, Dezhi Fang, Duen Horng (Polo) Chau

Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-In-the-Loop Data Analytics (HILDA’16) (Co-located with SIGMOD/PODS’16)

M3: Scaling Up Machine Learning via Memory Mapping [arXiv][PDF]

Jun. 2016

Dezhi Fang, Duen Horng (Polo) Chau

Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD/PODS’16)


Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Georgia Institute of Technology

Apr. 2018

Annually, one student from each department in Georgia Tech is nominated to receive the award on the basis of involvement in long-term research projects, participation in conferences, published research papers, displayed leadership within the research environment, and unique contributions to the field.

Outstanding Undergraduate Research

College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Apr. 2018

Annually, one student from College of Computing is nominated by faculty members to receive the award, recognizing their involvement in undergraduate research.

Material, Supplies and Technology Grants (MS&T)

Georgia Institute of Technology

May. - Aug. 2017

Supported by MS&T grants for research in Visualization and Virtual Reality during Summer 2017. $1,000.

President's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA)

Georgia Institute of Technology

May 2016, Aug. 2016

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program competitively funds individual requests by a student to support undergraduate student involvement in faculty research. Dezhi “Andy” Fang received:

  1. PURA Travel Award funding to present at 2016 ACM SIGMOD/PODS @ San Francisco, USA. $500;
  2. PURA Salary Award (PURA) for faculty research in Fall 2016, $1,500.

Undergraduate Research Poster Competition Finalist

ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2016)

Jun. 2016

Presented M3: Scaling Up Machine Learning via Memory Mapping. Awarded to ~10 recipients globally each year.

Georgia Tech Online Masters Program Scholarship

Georgia Tech College Of Computing

Aug. 2015

A full scholarship of the Georgia Tech Online Masters Program (worth $7000) was awarded.

Third Prize, China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest

China Association for Science and Technology

Aug. 2014

Presented a stereo in-door location system using computer vision.

First Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces

China Computer Federation (CCF)

Dec. 2013

Programming competition in a form similar to ACM-ICPC.

Press Coverage

Georgia Tech to Participate for the First Time in Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition [article]

Oct. 2017

The Compiler (Georgia Tech College of Computing)

While these students are still in their undergrad, the training and education they have received in preparation for this competition expands well beyond HPC and produces an educational foundation they will continue using for years to come.

China Economy Draws More Students Back From Abroad [article]

Mar. 2017

The Wall Street Journal

‘The U.S. is still the greatest place for doing cutting-edge research.’ —Dezhi Fang, a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Companies Cash In On Us Universities' Video Interview Requirements [article]

Mar. 2016

China Daily

Competitions & Hackathons

Runner Up, Emory GCC Case Competition

Emory Global China Connection

Apr. 2016

Case competition focused on mobile payment industry. Developed strategy for a U.S. based company to enter China's market with NFC payment technology.

Runner Up, BizTech'16 Case Competition

Georgia Tech Management Information Systems (MIS) Club

Mar. 2016

Case competition focused on Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry. Developed strategy for an established EHR company to transform its infrastructure to cloud-based solutions with high interoperability among EHR standards and medical devices.

Runner Up in Education Track, HackDuke'15


Nov. 2015

Developed ResumeWorks, a platform for creating different versions of resumes to fit each job application.

Hacker's Choice Award, VandyHacks'15


Oct. 2015

Developed Bank Guard, an app for detecting credit card frauds.

4th Place, IronCoder'15


Sep. 2015

A semiannually held programming competition by Cardlytics.

First Place, Georgia Tech College of Computing Alumni Hackathon'15

Georgia Tech College Of Computing

Aug. 2015

Developed MapsOnPoint, an app for finding points of interest along your road trip route without taking an unreasonable detour.



Aug. 2016
  • An async email sending solution with load balancing and routing among multiple SMTP credentials
  • Now sending 100k+ emails per month with a delivery rate of more than 98%


Nov. 2015
  • 2nd Best Hack of Education in HackDuke
  • A tool for creating different versions of resumes to fit each job application
  • User can choose a subset of their experiences to match with the company's interest

Maps OnPoint

Sep. 2015
  • First Place in Hackathon @ Georgia Tech College of Computing
  • Web app for planning trip navigation with a quick stop for food at any point along the route

Programming Languages: Python, Java, Scala, Bash, C/C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, Ruby

Infrastructure: Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Terraform, Amazon AWS, Netty, Redis, MySQL, DynamoDB, SQS, Resque, Quartz

Data Mining: Flink, Spark, Hive/Presto, Jupyter, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn

Web Development: Django, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Three.js, D3.js